2019 Masked Mataro – Limited


Super-limited, this is a wine of its time. Two cases remain of one of the best wines I’ve ever made from the illustrious Peora Vineyard in Wilunga. Whole cluster maceration and an early season pick has resulted in a wine of fresh, berry and rejuvenating spice. Not a tonic, but definitely a cure for some spicy chorizo or porterhouse steak on the grill.  

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The artwork is, contrary to first impressions, an effort at uplifting the general morale. Doctor Brett painted this original work as a response to the medical community’s request to educate the public about how to best stay safe during the pandemic.  Whilst it is certainly edgy, I think you’ll agree that there is a beautiful softness in the blue eyes of the “man behind the mask”- a sympathetic touch of humanity too. Only available at East End Cellars for $25.00 or direct through this limited offer.