About the Artists

The original Hydropathes Literary Club was formed in Paris in 1878 by cutting-edge poets and artists who banned the drinking of water at their wine-fuelled and often raucously entertaining rendezvous.

The incredibly creative artists that provide artwork for the captivating Hydropath labels would have fit right in.

Andrew Baines

Celebrated painter and installation artist Andrew Baines masterfully commands the cool colours and contours of the ocean in his gorgeously ironic work, which reverberates with the swell of sea and sky. A drinker (of coffee) and a thinker of deeply devilish wit, Andrew’s association with the Hydropath Society has almost made it a reputable organisation.

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Pure White 2018 Chardonnay Gruner Veltliner

Tonia Composto

Award-winning illustrator and graphic designer, Tonia Composto creates artwork that boldly bursts with colourful pop and edgy whimsy. It matches perfectly with the Hydropath Society’s sense of adventure and is packed with delicious aesthetic delight.

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Rohen Cheong

Graphic designer, educator and Illustrator Rohan Cheong has a fine eye for line and brilliant brand design. In his choice of a vibrant colour palette, he has mimicked the very process of winemaking itself. When a Frenchman asked him why he persisted with so many rounded repetitions of the fluid form of the egg, he responded, “One egg is never un oeuf!”

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Mark Gamtcheff

Graphic designer by trade and Bon Vivant by nature, Mark’s affiliation with the Hydropath Society has been most natural, as his appreciation of wine’s aesthetic value is redoubled in its very primal pleasures. Accordingly, Mark’s manipulation of an original French photograph, saturated in warm colours and defined by the soft backdrop of the river Seine, has become more of a languorously charming work of art in itself.