About the Society

The Hydropath Society is a new collective for Lovers of Wine that pretends to be neither Exclusive or Pretentious, but rather, remains loosely bound by a Predilection for Deliciousness, a Sense of Adventure and a Spirit of Community. 

Winemaker Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson

With a Master’s degree in French literature, Tom Robinson discovered the relatively obscure 19th century origins of the original Hydropathes Literary Club while studying at the Universite Francois Rabelais, in the Loire Valley, France.

This inspiration lead to a meandering 10 years of winemaking in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains where he lived in a log cabin shared with 20 acres of grapes overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

A ‘brief’ sabbatical to Australia working with Pernod Ricard found Tom discovering a passion for the vineyards of the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills, from which he has sourced exceptional fruit and unique grape varietals for his successful boutique brand, Head in the Clouds Wines, for ten years.

Winning the Gourmet Traveller New Wine Writer’s Award several years ago, Tom has finally reached a comfortable state of Good-for-Nothingness and Aesthetic Frivolity whereby his solitary wish is to share this Sense of Bohemian Bonhomie through his Delicious and Diverse Wines with an Active group of Likeminded Folk.